David Wallace soon will retire as executive director of Answering The Call Together (ACT,).

 ACT is a local faith-based non-profit 501(c)3 organization formed in Norwalk in 2005, comprising men and women who volunteer their time and talents to serve Christ.
 Denny Doughty, who serves as the organization’s president, said Wallace has done “an incredible job of leading the many projects and missions of ACT for 13 years.”
“David provides incredible leadership to help the organization function at a high level. … He is a caring, devoted and dedicated leader. He is led by his religious convictions and provides spiritual comfort for those in need. Simply stated, he is a great person and leader who will be missed by ACT and by our community,” Doughty said.
Wallace worked full time at the Norwalk Fire Department until an injury forced him to retire. Friends told him ACT was looking for a new executive director so he said he decided to apply.


“I thought it would be a short-term opportunity and here it’s been 13 years,” he said.

Looking back on “a lot of really wonderful memories” with ACT, Wallace said being able to volunteer with his family is at the top of the list.

Wallace’s wife, Treena, and their two daughters have also volunteered with ACT. Their oldest daughter now lives in Texas and recently had a baby girl, and their younger daughter works at Fisher-Titus.

Wallace said volunteering with his family will always be special.

 He added the joy you get from helping “people who have lost everything they’ve ever owned” to a natural disaster is “amazing.”
“When we go down to where the hurricanes hit and serve food, you listen to the people’s stories and they’re just so grateful to have a hot sandwich and cold beverage to drink,” he added.
Wallace said retiring is “bittersweet” but will allow him and his wife to spend more time with their new grandchild.
He said he had “very big shoes to fill,” taking over as executive director from Ed Cardwell. The late Cardwell and Greg Keefer founded ACT in 2005 and Wallace said they did “the heavy work” to get the nonprofit up and running.
When Wallace started, ACT took on four to five projects a year. Now, they handle more than 30 projects a year and have more than 500 volunteers.
“ACT has just grown. There is such a need right here in our local community and our local community is a very caring and giving community. It’s just been an honor to be able to work with all the local entities, volunteers and churches. It’s been a great partnership working with everybody to try and help people that need help,” Wallace said.

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People from other areas of the United States have joined some of ACT’s national projects. Wallace said this is “a great dynamic part of the organization.”

Wallace said he encourages people to volunteer with the nonprofit.

 “ACT is an organization where you don’t need to have any construction skills, and you can be a part of a project and contribute and feel like you helped somebody at the end of the day. It’s a lot of fun and very rewarding,” Wallace said.

In 2021, ACT completed 34 projects, built 12 wheelchair ramps and two three out-of-state trips.

 In September of that year, Wallace and two others loaded the kitchen trailer containing large grills, Yeti coolers and $3,000 worth of food and drove to Louisiana’s Pointe-aux-Chênes to feed residents and relief workers in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

In 2022, ACT completed 21 mission projects, with more than 150 volunteers giving their time and talents for a combined total of 1,500 hours dedicated to serving people in need. Of the 21 projects, 15 were local.

Local projects include building wheelchair ramps, installing hand rails and grab bars and making electrical and plumbing repairs.

 ACT assisted the Norwalk High School volleyball team with landscaping at the Norwalk Salvation Army.
Also last year, ACT made five out-of-state missions, with , rebuilding homes that were destroyed by tornadoes. The nonprofit’s responded to three natural disasters, providing hot meals in Kentucky, Louisiana, .
Later this month, ACT volunteeres will travel to Belize on a medical mission and to build an elder-care facility.


Those interested in applying for executive director can contact ACT through the website. Doughty said they are looking to fill in the position within the next two months if possible.

 “Our board is preparing to incorporate the many duties and responsibilities provided by David,” Doughty said.
Executive director responsibilities include handling job requests, scheduling contractors to vet projects, presenting projects to the board, ensuring materials and supplies are at job sites and coordinating missions, both domestic and abroad. The position also includes contacting local churches, entities and other organizations to keep the list of volunteers viable.
 “We’re all in this together, trying to help people,” Wallace said.

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