2021 was a busy year for ACT, in fact the busiest year ever with 34 projects completed! The range of projects include: 12 wheelchair ramps built, 4 furnaces repaired/purchased, many miscellaneous repairs like exterior doors, faucets, toilets, and electrical repairs to name a few. ACT received donations and purchased an assortment of medical equip- ment such as wheelchairs, walkers, bedside commodes, shower chairs and benches that were distributed to people in need. ACT delivered furniture, hospital beds, refrigerators, helped a family move all their belongings from one home to another, and installed several handrails.

ACT went on 3 Out-of-State mission trips. One trip to Chipley, FL to repair homes damaged by hurricanes, the other 2 were to Louisiana. The first trip to was to feed people after hurricane Ida ripped through Point-Aux-Chenes, LA. ACT provided a hot meal and cold drinks for hundreds of people. Some of the people said they had eaten peanut butter sandwiches and crackers for weeks, and having a hot meal was so good! We provided Gatorade and juices, again the people were so grateful to have something besides water. We stayed in Pastor Crawford’s home in Thibodaux. His house was damaged by the hurricane and his refrigerator was damaged beyond repair. ACT was able purchase a new refrigerator for Pastor Bill and his family before leaving.

ACT made a return trip to Thibodaux, repairing homes that were damaged by the hurricane. The group of volunteers lodged in Pastor Crawford’s church and worked along side locals from Thibodaux.

What is in the future for ACT? ACT is planning a scout trip to Mayfield, KY where the tornados devastated that area. There will be mission trips scheduled when it’s safe to do so. There is a mission trip scheduled February 20-25, 2022, back to Thibodaux, LA to repair more homes. ACT pays for all meals and lodging for any volunteer who chooses to go on a mission trip with ACT and also provides all the tools necessary to make any repairs needed. Yes, our mission trips are FREE for all volunteers!

On behalf of the ACT Board and myself, I would like to thank everyone who has supported ACT by praying, volunteer- ing time and talents, and supporting ACT financially. It is because of you, we are able to make a difference in the lives of so many people!

God Bless, David Wallace

End of Year Giving

If you are considering making an end of the year donation, please consider giving to ACT. ACT is a 501 (c) 3 tax deducti- ble organization that relies on donations in order to operate. It is your generous giving that allows ACT to reach out and help people in need. ACT touches many lives locally, nationally, and around the world. If you choose to make a donation, please make a check out to:

Answering The Call Together, Inc. PO Box 564 Norwalk, OH 44857